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Confluense has a CMP Applications Lab including class 10 / 100 / 1000 areas for CMP process technology development and metrology.

Confluense offers CMP process technology services, enabled by its PSM product. The PSMís advanced in-situ analytics enable materials development and process development insights previously impossible to quantify.

  • Process technology services
    • Materials development: time based effluent analysis (reaction kinetics, species formation, particle morphology, abatement)
    • Polishing process characterization: in-situ tribology, material stability (pH, conductivity, specific gravity, solids content, viscosity, zeta potential, etc.)
    • Film removal characterization (RR, WIWNU, WTWNU, dishing, erosion, etc.), dynamic materials integration, defect reduction,
    • Improvements, Sustainability: CoO, CoC, EHS (footprint reduction)