About Us

Confluense is a Spin out of TBW Industries, whom have over 35 years of experience developing advanced abrasive materials for planar polishing applications, including over 17 years supplying the CMP market with diamond pad conditioning abrasives. The Confluense CMP product (Pad Surface Manager) is the result of 8 years of equipment and semiconductor application R&D where-in the tribology control methods and mechanics were developed and tested


Stephen Benner

25 years of experience in technology firms as an engineer, product manager and member of senior management. Mr. Benner has diverse experience in manufacturing process integration, product and technology management and manufacturing engineering. Prior to Confluense, he served at TBW (VP), SAP America (VP, Discrete Industries, including semiconductor), Consilium (Product Management), Raytheon (Manufacturing Automation), and Texas Instruments (Manufacturing Engineering and Operations).

Darryl Peters, Ph.D.
Process Technology VP

More than 25 years experience in Semiconductor process, equipment, and materials development. More than 20 years management experience. ITRS Surface Preparation TWG CMP focus group leader, Qcept Technologies (Process Development director), ATMI (R&D manager for post-CMP cleans), Ashland ACT (R&D manager for post-etch cleans), Lepton (Applications director for e-beam lithography), Hampshire Instruments (Applications director for x-ray lithography), Bell Labs (MTS for lithography development), Brookhaven National Labs (Postdoc). Ph.D. from Ohio State University (Physical Chemistry) and B.S. (with highest honors) in Chemistry from San Diego State University. Member of MRS (Materials Research Society), ECS (Electrochemical Society), and ACS (American Chemical Society).