I am very excited by the opportunity to bring dramatic new efficiency to our customer’s most costly process.

We provide a simple technique to remove significant cost from existing products, and at the same time establish a platform for continuous CMP process innovation and environmental stewardship. We enable our customers to completely eliminate historic sources of variability, control the polishing process with much finer resolution, improving the resultant surface quality and planarity.

A simple enhancement revitalizing your existing platform – with an ROI measured in weeks.

Steve Benner
President, Confluense

Welcome to Confluense.

Confluense is a company dedicated to advanced abrasive surface finishing equipment and technology. Our approach is based on the following four objectives:
  • Consumable economy – lowest cost of ownership
  • Polishing tribology management – active measurement and control of material removal kinetics
  • Volumetric endpoint – deterministic stop and resultant finish
  • Environmental sustainability – effective consumption and treatment
Our Company was formed in late 2008 to address the increasing challenges of Semiconductor Chemical Mechanical Polishing. The Company was spun out of TBW Industries, whom have been providing super abrasive finishing materials for over 35 years. TBW’s unique “Clean Through” abrasive designs provided a vehicle for the adaptive, real-time management of all materials affecting tribology (Friction, Lubrication, Wear) at the workpiece. Confluense has successfully developed a polisher enhancement product called the “pad surface manager” which is available to OEM’s, End users, and Equipment service providers and has a US Application development laboratory for supporting process and materials science development.

News & Events

June 23, 2009
SEMI Announces Finalists for the SEMICON West 2009 Sustainable Technologies Award
Confluense, LLC, is one of the four finalists for their sustainable technology: “CMP Pad Surface Manager”. The CMP Pad Surface Manager reduces CMP consumables usage through in-situ monitoring and cleaning of the pad surface.


May 28, 2009
Confluense Readies CMP Pad Surface Manager
Confluense LLC (Allentown, Pa.) said it has developed a pad management system that reduces chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) consumable usage while also reducing defects.